Novia IoT bild 20210913IoT = Internet of Things

Connecting sensors and controls to the internet simplifies in many situations

the data exchange between the devices. It also means that data can be easily

transferred to other systems or directly read or controlled remotely. Different types of

Services can be easily integrated for alarms like Whatsapp or text messages.



There are many suppliers of different IoT modules to a low cost.

The unit prices starts from 1 € up to about 30€ depending  on the wireless technology and how flexible

module is needed. Code is already available online for prototype testing. Suitable  for remote measurement.

Can be used for control or in decision making. Light and affordable. Automation in a smart way.



IoT in its basic form is suitable for data exchange between the devices when the transmission time is not

time-critical short. Via the Internet, it is difficult to guarantee response times of fractional seconds.

However, the technology is suitable in many contexts anyway and works well.


Example of IoT real time data:

Technobothnia IoT testing and learning hub:


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