Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI, and the subfield of machine learning in particular, have revolutionized how we can make use of data. Machines are learning to perform an increasing number of tasks, and new methods and freely available software packages are being developed constantly due to the immense interest the field has experienced lately. However, a successful introduction of AI to automate our augment tasks and processes still requires a realistic understanding of task difficulties and access to high quality data.


Intelligent System Institute

At the Intelligent System Institute (Novia), we help companies:

  1. identify tasks which could benefit from an AI implementation,
  2. understand how to gather the high-quality data needed, and
  3. find appropriate machine learning models and algorithms.



We want to bridge the gap between companies and universities by providing hands on assistance on real world problems onsite. We think that real problems can only be fully understood if explored in their proper setting.


For more info, please contact:

Sören Mattbäck, 050 306 5092 or

Johan Westö, 050 473 2310 or